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Honest and accurate books are an indispensable part of the accounting system in every business. Your tax security is our priority. Through the control of appropriate record-keeping of business events, every customer can be sure of the thorough performance of our obligations.

We offer accounting services for all types of business and additional data reporting you need.

We offer:

Ledger services
- accounting policy
- preparation of company’s chart of accounts
- recording business events in accordance with the Accounting Act
- fixed asset, equipment, and intangibles register
- VAT register
- clearing of intra-Community transactions, intra-Community acquisition of goods, intra-Community supply of goods, import and export of services, triangular transactions
- tax declarations for the Tax Office
- financial statements and tax returns
- reports for the Central Statistical Office
- cash flow statements
- reports for the State Fund for Rehabilitation of Disabled People
- presence of our representative during an audit by the Tax Office, Social Insurance Institution, or State Labour Inspectorate

Revenue and expense ledger
- keeping the revenue and expense ledger
- keeping the fixed asset, equipment, and intangibles register
- annual tax returns
- VAT register
- tax declarations for the Tax Office
- representation before competent administration in the case of a tax audit

Flat rate tax
- revenue register
- VAT register
- annual tax return, PIT-28
- representation before competent administration in the case of a tax audit

- keeping VAT purchase and sales register
- drafting and submitting VAT declarations
- drafting and submitting VAT-EU declarations

Payroll and HR outsourcing improves business performance. By contracting AMS Consult Sp. z o.o. to handle your payroll and HR, you can reduce costs and minimise the operating risk.
AMS Consult Sp. o. o. provides comprehensive accounting and HR services. We are very experienced in handling foreigner employment.

We provide:
- employment contracts, civil law contracts, certificates of employment, declarations of foreigner employment
- personal files
- monthly payroll
- posted employee procedures
- Social Insurance Institution declarations
- remuneration certificates
- annual income file, PIT-11
- OHS training

OHS, or occupational health and safety is a set of regulations and principles that prevent accidents and occupational diseases when implemented at the workplace. OHS regulations set out the occupational conditions to ensure a healthy work environment.
According to the Labour Code, it is the employer who is responsible for ensuring the employee is acquainted with all matters relevant to work and the process itself and for the provision of initial and periodic OHS training to the employees.
The institution that makes sure the Labour Code is respected and occupational health and safety principles are adhered to is the Chief Labour Inspectorate.
The goal of the OHS training is to minimise the risks related to the work process, demonstrate rules of the usage of necessary equipment, principles of performing particularly hazardous tasks, emergency procedures in place on premises, the bath facilities and equipment, etc.

Our customers can benefit from a virtual office. It is a perfect solution for those who wish to set up a limited liability company, those who already started their business but have yet to establish an office, and those who need comprehensive services.

The service includes:
- a business registration address
- a forwarding address
- mail reception
- e-mail notifications
- mail forwarding

You can easily register your limited liability company with us.
We represent customers under power of attorney.
With us, you can register your limited liability company electronically or the traditional way with a law firm.

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